Set the Foundation to Launch Your Mompreneur Business


"Mompreneur Business Incubator Workshop"

Denver, CO

Tuesday June 4th

Noon to 4pm

(Networking 4 to 5)


Des Moines, IA-Coming Soon

Omaha, NE-Coming Soon

So what are we  gonna get done

  • Four hours of designing and constructing YOUR strongest business with me and your peers
  • Strong life assessment and life experience exploration to get clarity on your most valuable strengths
  • Facilitated brainstorming to identify how to marry your strengths to your business dreams and goals
  • Business tools, and action plans so you know exactly what your next steps are when you leave
  • One hour of networking, connecting and direct access to me so there is NO excuse to not have a plan of action and clarity



Are You Gonna Wake  Up Tomorrow and Regret not Starting That Business You've been Dreaming of... Again?


Not You, Not This Time

I do not want that to happen to you! 

  • Do you talk about starting your business but never make it happen?
  • Do you have a business and realize you need help before you have to throw in the towel?
  • Do you know you could change your families financial trajectory for the better?
  • Do you have a skills or ability that could make a difference in peoples lives?
  • Do you dread leaving your family to go back to a career you hate?


You are so much more than just a Mom

  • You have an education that doesn't have to sit on the shelf.
  • You have experiences that you haven't realized can bring massive value.
  • You are skilled and focused in ways that other entrepreneurs can't even imagine.


You are more than just an entrepreneur

  • You are driven my a REAL purpose, your beautiful family
  • You know what it is to feel serious pressure and still perform
  • You know what it is to get things done and build futures


All you need is:

  • Someone who has Been There, Done That, and Made It
  • Someone to Believe in You
  • Someone to Give You the Support and Know How
  • The Mompreneur Business Workshop with me, Camilla-Jean


I am Here to get you There...


Join me at

The Momprenuer Business Incubator

This is what I know to be true about you….

You are Looking for Fulfillment:

You know you want more and are looking to fulfill that dream of starting a business you love that still lets you be the Mom you wanna be

The Hustle has you worn out:

You have a hustle but it doesn’t feel like the business you know you are capable of designing and it is sucking the life right outta you

 You know you're are so much more:

You don’t want to settle, your family is so precious and you know you can change your financial trajectory and could be blessing their futures

 You are just lacking that support piece:

You have amazing energy and skills but just need to find the path and process to honing them into a serious business that let’s you and your family thrive

I could give you all the backstory of the businesses I have fought to build, the times I got knocked down, the clients that said no or the times I spent years doing what I wasn’t made for.

I'm not making a difference for Mompreneurs because everything I touch works right the first time and just like I want it to...I'm making a difference to Mompreneurs, their dreams, their families and their communities because of the struggles I have already had, the mistakes I have already made and the grit I have had to keep trying and keep growing.

There are several ways I like to work with Mompreneurs but let's be honest something really special happens we we can all come together and see the glint in one another's eyes, share our stories and help ignite each others dreams into reality.

We are going to set aside those urgent but not important tasks that come at us all day and then we just keep waking up and realizing we are still unfulfilled and no closer to those dreams and those goals that could be blessing our families.

I do not want you to spend another year overwhelmed, defeated, wondering “what if”, “how could I ever”or “only if I knew how to start”

I want to help you design, plan and prepare so you can launch the best business for you and your family.

XOXO, Camilla-Jean

Of Course You have Questions, Let’s get them Answered..

I do wish I got say yes to this but we are all big girls here. I cannot promise that coming to a Mompreneur Business Incubator Workshop will ensure a flawless business launch and immediate profits in the bank. Let’s talk about what I can guarantee. I will show up for you with my game face on and your best possible results as my goal. I will be bringing all of my 30+ years of business experience to the table in an effort to get clarity on your business design, a plan to draft your support team and action steps to launching that business. If this sounds like a good commitment to you then get your ticket now.

I understand that things happen. You can get a full refund up to two weeks before the event. After that we offer a 50% refund up until the day of the event. We are all Momma’s after all, but I want you to make the commitment to do this for YOU, please don’t miss it! Since this is an in person event and there are certain location and food costs that apply this refund policy helps ensure we are able to cover costs for the event.

We suggest you eat a nice breakfast before you attend because the event is going to be intense. We will provide coffee and water as well as some light snacks. Even though the event is over at 4pm we encourage attendees to stay for the networking happy hour from 4-5 and there is usually a treat for you there.

Since this is a 1/2 day event and most people who attend are local we do not offer a hotel block. We will provide the location for the event as we get closer to each date so that you can make the proper accommodations if you decide to stay overnight.

To get the best results you should be in one of these early stages.


  • Brainstorming what it could be that could fill you up and bless your family
  • Pretty solid on what you want to do for a business but just not sure how to get started and do it right
  • Already have a business or hustle and you know it is just draining you and needs to get a solid foundation under it to make it real
  • Running a business but it’s not scalable and just not making sense



If you have already created and launched a business and it didn't go as well as you wanted, then this is still a great event for you. The tactics and plans we talk through at the event can help give you a fresh approach and ways to refine your business design so you can re-launch with success.


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