How to Make Your Business Unsinkable in 6 Weeks Masterclass

Simple Marketing That Keeps Quality Leads Coming Without the Overwhelm + The Automated Funnel To Grow Your Business


In This Masterclass



How to Generate the RIGHT Words That Connect with Your Ideal Customers

Words matter. Learn what words to use and how to use them so you create effective and clear message marketing.


How to Connect with Quality Leads Using a Simple and Manageable Framework

By following a systematic framework you'll create a foundation for generating sales that offers solutions to your ideal customers. Their connection to you will help them understand why they need you to help them navigate tough times. Stop attracting the wrong clients and connect faster and deeper with the right ones.


Learn how to Take Great Leads From Just Curious to Excited Buyers with Powerful Email Strategy

What makes great untrue sequence and when do you finally ask for the sale. We cover all this items and show you how you can design a system that does a lot of this for you while creating real and meaningful relationships with your future customers. 


Implement An Effective Converting Website 

If you aren't using the right word on your website. Asking for the sale the right way (yes there are right ways and wrong ways) then all that hard work upfront just won't pay off and they will never get to experience just how great you are. I will show you how to make you website 'sticky" and ready to enlighten your customers about how you can solve their problem.

"As a small business owner sometimes I felt like I was on a hamster wheel. When I teamed up with Camilla-Jean it was because I knew I had to work ON my business. She has helped me see a WHOLE new side of being an entrepreneur. In my ever changing industry I've always felt like tomorrow was never a guarantee, but now I can confidently say we will be here for the long haul with Camilla-Jean in our corner. I am consistently growing my revenue without putting in more hours and I am more excited than ever about my business."

KJ Wingett

Are you feeling overwhelmed about all the things you could be doing? Is the time you're spending giving you limited results? Do you feel like you're just spinning your wheels?

Especially now. Should you create new offers or products? Can you really do this in the current economic climate? Are you struggling to find the people that want what you offer? Is your offer or product solid? Were you feeling anxious before our economy changed? Did you worry about having what it takes to make your business a reality and now you're completely overwhelmed and feeling all sorts of self doubt?

I don't want that for you. You have a genius zone and great gifts to offer the world and bless your family with. Join me to learn what it looks like to get a proven framework in place, how to create systems and process that ensure you thrive in business and love the life you're building.


A Note From The Instructor...

I know what it's like to wonder if you have what it takes. To constantly chase shiny objects all the time. I want you to know you're not in this alone.

I'll share the proven strategies that have worked not just for me but others just like you. These tools will help you create a business that fits your dreams.