The Mompreneur Experience Academy: Get Happy Get Profitable Coming Spring 2019

The Mompreneur Experience Academy:
Get Happy
Get Profitable

Save Your Seat

You don't have to wonder if your on the right path or fearing you may not have what it takes. You have the dream and the strengths to make a difference and the world needs the gifts you have. Now let's get your business on track and make it the profitable blessed life you imagine.

Whether your completely new to business or struggling to make it all you know it can be this is the challenge you need. Get the support and the accountability to take your business to the next level.

  • Tame the interruptions, get your time back under your control and design your business success instead of waiting for it to happen.
  • Learn how to build your support team, get the mentors and community to keep pushing you to the potential within.
  • You are talented, you are capable and you deserve to be happy and profitable. You do not have to do it alone however, join your Mompreneur tribe.

The course will walk you thru weekly modules that are easy to follow. In these modules you will find worksheets, PDFs, swipe file and resources to get you going. 

Join other classmates and Camilla-Jean for weekly Q & A sessions and to share notes and experiences with your peers to bring your business and productivity to life.

Once your part of The Mompreneur Experience Academy your in the tribe for life. As the course and community evolves the resources will be there as long as the program exists and you get access.

Can't wait to dig in with you!


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