#100. Dr Lynyetta Willis Wants to Know If Your Business Is Your Mistress

About The Show: 
When things aren’t as ideal as you’d like them to be in your marriage or family life, it’s easy to turn to your business in search of those things that offer satisfaction and fulfillment to your life. My guest today Dr. Lynyetta is a psychologist and family empowerment coach who’s created a roadmap to help lead you back on the path of feeling connected with your spouse and kids in order to foster a healthy family.

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Takeaways From This Episode

  1. What is Stable Misery? 
  2. Patterns and Pits
  3. 3 areas you need to be aware of that cause you to turn to your business for support. 
  4. Are you turning to your business as a way to get away from your family?
  5. Learn the  5 path roadmap that helps you break free from...
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#47: 8 Traits Your Relationships Need For Your To Succeed

Inspiration from this Episode:

“Not everyone is comfortable being vulnerable back.”

“Chemistry is one of those things you just have right away.”


047 | The Mompreneur Experience: 8 Traits Your Relationships Need For You To Succeed


On today’s episode, we’re going to discuss the 8 key characteristics you need to know to move forward and grow in any relationship. By surrounding yourself with people who hold these traits, you can change your whole life. 

We’re going to go through the different traits to look for in these relationships, how many of these relationships you should have and where to find these people in your life. 


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode: 

  • How to build relationships that move you forward.
  • What are gains and drains.
  • How to align your core values.
  • How many relationships to have.
  • Where to find these relationships.


Resources in Today’s Episode: 

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