#71: Guided Brain Dump

On today’s podcast episode we are clearing out head space so you can get into massive action. More than ever I know you’re overwhelmed as a business owner and Mom. I’ll take you through a guided Brain Dump so you get organized and get the right stuff done.

Episode Notes 
First things first let’s do some housekeeping. 

With our nation under quarantine you need a community of like minded women that can support you and offer ideas for how they are adapting and changing to our new economic climate.

Join The Mompreneur Experience Podcast Club Facebook Group. Our tribe of business owners are tackling being a mom and growing a business. 

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Takeaways From This Episode
I ask you the powerful questions that help you refine how to get...

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#69: Planning Your Ideal Week

Inspiration from this Episode:

“We’re going to be focusing on the really important things at the right time.”

“I know one day my kids will grow up and be much more independent.”

“I think it’s really important that we lead with that relationship in our families.”


069 | The Mompreneur Experience: Planning Your Ideal Week


On today’s show, I am sharing with you how I have been refining and perfecting how to plan an ideal week over the last year. It’s easy for us as entrepreneurs and especially as moms to feel overwhelmed with everything going on. We’ve got business goals, family commitments and just your everyday little things that come up.

When we take the time to be intentional about how we spend our days and week as a whole, it can be very rewarding to feel like we made progress in the right direction. We might not always be knocking off some of the massive goals we’ve set for ourselves, but...

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#51 : 6 Tips To Increase Productivity with Alexa

Inspiration from this Episode:

“I try to be really intentional with how I’m using tech.”

“I have been really focused on my business start up ritual.”

“It’s really easy to get busy with social media and running a business.”


051 | The Mompreneur Experience: 6 Tips to Increase Productivity with Alexa



On today’s show, we are going to be talking about something that so many of us already have in our homes - Amazon Alexa. As busy moms and even busier business owners, it’s hard to believe that a simple device can provide so much structure and support for us. 

It’s easy to get caught going down the rabbit hole when we start working on tasks for our business. If we take just a few moments of our time to learn a couple tips and tricks, our daily lives could become so much more productive. 


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode: 

  • If technology is helping or hurting...
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