#027: Change Your Story, Change Your Life

podcast May 23, 2019

Inspiration from this Episode:


“Have you ever talked yourself out of something you really should have done?”


“If you don’t plan it, it’s never going to happen. You have to book it.”


“Delegate something that is a distraction.”


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027 | The Mompreneur Experience: Change Your Story, Change Your Life




Today, we go deep in the podcast. We are talking ab

out our personal mindset and how it’s affecting us in life and, possibly, our business. We’re all guilty of talking ourselves out of things. Things that could have brought us money, happiness, opportunity, excitement and so much more.


The things we tell ourselves can become a reality in our lives. We so easily believe these stories we make up in our minds about what’s not possible or why something would never work. I’m going to be going over the four steps you need to take...

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#026: Mentor Interview with Lauren Keplinger

podcast May 20, 2019

Inspiration from this Episode:


“I wanted a business, but I didn’t necessarily want a full time job.”


“Even though I’m working from home, I’m not just here hanging out.”


“It was really important to me to have something outside of being a mom and a wife.”

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026 | The Mompreneur Experience: Mentor Interview with Lauren Keplinger




On today’s podcast, we meet Lauren, a military spouse and etsy shop owner. She created her shop called Funky Monkey Children in 2012 when her husband was on deployment in Afghanistan. After successfully scaling her business to over 10,000 sales and a 6-figure income, she began teaching others how to do the same in 2017.

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  • Why it’s okay to take breaks in your business to avoid burnout.
  • Creating that flexibility in your business to allow for time with family.
  • How...
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#025: What Are You Gonna Bomb?

podcast May 16, 2019


Inspiration from this Episode:


“You can make a choice and give yourself a little bit of grace.”

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“Quite frankly, if you’re just not into something, you just don’t do it.”


025 | The Mompreneur Experience: What Are You Gonna Bomb?




Have you ever felt compelled to immerse yourself in something brand new that the outside world pushed in your direction? Maybe it was something you’ve heard a lot about or it has become popular with those around you. Sometimes it’s not long after diving head first into that new adventure that you realize you hate it.


In today’s episode, I’m talking about the unique topic of how to decide in advance what we’re going to suck at or bomb in our life or business. We all know we’re not perfect and we are never going to be great at everything. I uncover how to distinguish these areas and...

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# 24: Mentor Interview with Caty Winyard

podcast May 13, 2019

Inspiration from this Episode:

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“Create a group of like-minded women for support in your life and business.”


“Concentrate on what gives you energy. And know what takes your energy.”

024 | The Mompreneur Experience: Interview with Caty Winyard




Caty Winyard worked as an RN for 3 years, but gave it up when her husband took a job and started traveling 90% of the time. At the time, she was also pregnant with their third child in 3 1/2 years. But she knew wanted to be more than "just a mom."  


Caty was introduced to entrepreneurship in late-2015 and kept experimenting and looking for her business idea. Then in March 2017, she lost her driver’s license while flying with her husband and three tiny humans. She realized she needed something on her wrist to hold her wallet essentials—and The Wearable Wallet was born!


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

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#022: Mentor Interview with KJ Wingert

podcast May 06, 2019

Inspiration from this Episode:


“This is how I can connect with these 17 and 18 year olds because it’s so hard to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life when you’re that age. It’s scary!”

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“I thought, I loved this, but can I actually make this a career?”


“As much as I love what I do, it still cannot rule my life.”

022 | The Mompreneur Experience: Interview with KJ Wingert



Today we get to chat with an amazing entrepreneur and good friend of mine KJ Wingert. She is a photographer (from the Iowa area) that I have been lucky enough to work with, and she opened my eyes to what it means to tell a story through an image.


In college, KJ studied New Media and Business and jumped into her career right away. She didn’t love the long hours so her loving husband supported her while she opened up her photography business.



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#021: Momma, You Deserve a Coach

podcast May 02, 2019

Inspiration from this Episode:


Putting on your oxygen masks before you put on somebody else's is true in life. It's true in business. It's true in all things.


There's a direct correlation between how hard you're willing to work, how much you want something and how focused you're willing to be and getting the results you really want.

019 | The Mompreneur Experience: Coaching Week




It’s International Coaching Week. I’m a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation and educated through Coach U. So I thought I’d share some of my insights with you.


I've used coaches for the last several years and it has made a huge difference in my life. As Mompreneurs, wifes, wearers-of-many-hats, we need some help sorting through our roles to know where to spend our time. And how to stay focused when we’re pulled in so many directions.


If you’re considering starting a business and want to make sure that it's...

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#018: Mentor Interview With Lumina Gershfield Cordova

podcast Apr 29, 2019


Inspiration from this Episode:

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Being a Mompreneur is learning to weed stuff out, and then saying yes to the things that matter most.


Make time to rest and connect—or do yoga and meditate. Make time for all the things that were really important to you.


018 | The Mompreneur Experience: Mentor Interview with Lumina Gershfield Cordova




Today, on the show I’m chatting with Lumina Gershfield Cordova. She’s a licensed K through 12 art teacher, certified in early childhood education, and she's a Kundalini yoga teacher. She teaches children and families radiant child yoga, which is a children's Kundalini yoga taught with the Montessori principles.


Her husband, Rene, is also a Kundalini yoga teacher, and he’s an accountant. They live in Boston, Massachusetts with their two young children, practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness every single day. Together all four of them are...

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#017: The Role Your Strengths Play in Your Business with Rhonda Delaney

podcast Apr 25, 2019


Inspiration from this Episode:


The more people you have in your world that are supporting you, the broader the experience, skillsets and information you're going to have access to.

A true leader understands is that every single person is unique and encourages them to be themselves.

Until you know your strengths, it's really hard to make a conscious effort to move in the right direction—for you.

017 | The Mompreneur Experience: Your Strengths’ Roles in Your Business with Rhonda Delaney

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Today on the podcast, I’m chatting with Rhonda Delaney. Rhonda was born in British Columbia, Canada and moved to the US in 1992. She's been married to her wonderful husband, Trevor, for 37 years. She also has 35 years of leadership knowledge in a wonderful 60 years of life experience and perspective.

When she was a young mother, she was creating teams and direct and network marketing industries and then once...

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#016: Mentor Interview with Angel Tuccy

podcast Apr 22, 2019

Inspiration from this Episode:


One thing that I want to be the best at and known for is just being a mom to my kids and being able to balance my personal life with my career.


What keeps me going is not wanting my kids to see me as a quitter or somebody who would just give up when things get hard.

016 | The Mompreneur Experience: Interview with Angel Tuccy



On today’s show, we have an amazing award-winning guest here with us. Angel Tuccy is a radio show host that has spent over a decade hosting shows and winning awards such as Best Talk Show Host three years in a row.


Angel is also a best-selling author of nine books, one of which is Lists That Save My Life. It reminded me that I can and should have structure in my life. It helped me very early on to survive each day and it gave me hope. From very early on, Angel has balanced work and family so well and makes it a top priority in everything.

What You’ll Learn in Today’s...

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