#043: Labor Day Shout-Out to Mompreneurs

“Our output these days is really geared toward services and brain power.”

“Thank you to all of you for being visionaries, for being problem solvers.”


043 | The Mompreneur Experience: Labor Day Shout-Out to Mompreneurs



On today’s episode, we’re celebrating Labor Day. I hope that you are taking some time to spend with your family and loved ones. I’m a little bit of a history buff so I wanted to take a minute to look back on the history of Labor day. When the labor force first began, it was obviously geared toward industrial products, manufacturing and production. 

I don’t think they had Mompreneurs in mind when they first created this holiday. Times have now changed and the labor industry has grown to include a lot more in the way of services and knowledge. I wanted to take a minute to give a shout out and truly appreciate all that Mompreneurs bring to the world.  


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