#81. Building a Legacy After Tragedy with Tina Murphy

About The Show 
Tina Murphy is a Certified Widow's Coach and owner of Widow's Wallet. Tina helps recent widows navigate their thoughts around who they are in a new life, their views about relationships, and dives in deep about their beliefs with money. On today’s episode she offers powerful insights on how to financially prepare and survive moments of tragedy. 

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Takeaways From This Episode

  1. After Tina’s husband died she was devastated. The stark reality of providing for her young children on her own became a stark reality. 
  2. Listen to how she found flexible employment which helped her rediscover herself.
  3. How she uses her pain to teach others.
  4. Tina touches on how she used spending money as a way to process her pain.
  5. Managing the flood...
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