#007: The Problem with Multitasking

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2019



Multitasking is actually holding us back from getting everything done that we want to.


Our IQ drops 10 points while multitasking.


007 | The Mompreneur Experience: The Problem with Multitasking




Multitasking is actually holding us back from getting everything done that we want to. Study after study shows that we as women are no better at multitasking than men. You don't necessarily have to tell your husband that, but it's true.


We should be trying to multitasking less to get more done. I think culturally, we expect that we should be doing this and that we should be good at it. And it's what we're expected to do. Men also assume that women probably are better at multitasking, that we like multitasking and that it's just part of what we do. It's part of their culture and their thinking too and their subconscious levels.


But scientists have discovered this constant switching between activities activates parts of the...

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#006: Mentor Interview with Macy Robison

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2019

Quotables: “Remember you don't have to do all the things all at once in your business.”

006 | The Mompreneur Experience: Interview with Macy Robinson



On the show with us today we have Macy Robinson. Macy is a Marketing Strategist and Story Brand Certified Guide who helps authors and creatives clarify their message to help grow their online business.


Starting off in the music education world, having to bounce around state after state, Macy tried many different careers and jobs she liked but didn’t love. She craved the freedom for herself and her young family, until one day all the pieces started to come together.


Macy really puts her family first and loves being able to be at home and spend time with her kids. Things might not always be easy as a Mompreneur, so she divulges her secrets about some of the scariest moments and hardest times in her journey.

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

    • Why Macy wanted to become a...
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#005: Niche Down and Niche Down Again and Again

podcast Mar 15, 2019

Quotables: “Focus on a very specific niched down customer that you understood inside and out.”

“They want to feel like you really understand them and that you're speaking directly to them.”

005 | The Mompreneur Experience: Niche Down



Many of us have heard this time and time again in our business—the concept of niching down. We go through the exercises once and then tend to never revisit it again. Well today, we are talking all about the importance of niching down. *Free Worksheet*


We all fear that niching down too far in our business might alienate us with some potential clients, or lose business from people who aren’t in our niche. What we may not realize is that by niching down, we are really setting ourselves apart from others in our industry—in an amazing way.


We will learn today the six benefits of niching down in your business and what some actionable steps are that you can take to get yourself to that...

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#004: Mentor Interview with Sonja Stewart

podcast Mar 11, 2019

Quotables: The most important thing is your plan on how you get from A to B.

004 | The Mompreneur Experience: Interview with Sonja Stewart



On today’s episode we are talking with Sonja Stewart. Once a financial advisor, this now fitness entrepreneur helps women and moms reconnect with themselves. She found a passion for something new a little later in life and it has transformed how to she helps herself and other mom’s take time for themselves in a world of giving.


Sonja has gone through her fair share of struggles running her own business. Through the doubts and pain, she talks about what it took to get her past the fears of failure. She attests a lot of her success to one particular investment she couldn’t live without.


We talk about having support systems in our lives and how that support can affect us. Going over the sacrifices mothers make and how to reclaim time as our own once our family starts to become more independent.


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#003: Get Yourself a Theme

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2019

003 | The Mompreneur Experience: Get Yourself a Theme



They can go by many different names: guideposts, mottos, that One thing. But in today’s episode we’re talking all about themes. We’re going to discuss what on earth a theme even is and why it’s important in all aspects of our lives. You might have heard others talking about their theme for the year. But how do you find the right theme for you? *Free Worksheet*


“A theme is something that can be much bigger than just yourself, and it's something that as you expose other people around you to it, it really makes ripples...”

Having a theme can be a changing moment for us in our businesses, but you might be surprised that there are ways to incorporate these themes into our everyday lives with our kids, spouses and in our communities. We want to make sure that we can carry these themes with us wherever we go.


“The other thing that really makes a theme for the year...

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#002: Why You Need a WHY

podcast Mar 04, 2019

002 | The Mompreneur Experience: Why You Need a WHY


I believe we have amazing gifts and a dream to live out. Today, we're going to talk about the fact that, yes, you do need a “why”. Why do you do the things you do? What drives you in your whole life: your personal life, your family life, all of that?


What you do with your time matters and how you show up with your time matters. How you show up as a mom, how you show up as a spouse, how you show up as a Christian, as a friend, as a daughter, as a colleague, as a coach, as any of the things that you do as a volunteer, as a parent, in a classroom. It all matters.


If you have a strong “why”, it doesn't just apply to your business. It applies to your entire life. The what and the how will be guided by your “why”. What you do with your time matters. Get started with your Why here.


Simon Sinek says, “There is no decision that we can make that doesn't come with some...

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#001: Mentor Interview with Kelly Roach

podcast Feb 27, 2019

001 | The Mompreneur Experience: Interview with Kelly Roach



Today, we have Kelly Roach on the podcast. Kelly is a business growth strategist, bestselling author, and a top podcaster who helps business owners around the world achieve rapid, sustainable growth in record time. Kelly's a regular media favorite on ABC, NBC, Good Day and the CW and some of the world's leading publications such as Inc., Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek and dozens of others where she teaches the most powerful, effective leveraging strategies to scale quickly and profit more with systems for sales, marketing and building a world-class team.

What really pulled Kelly to being a mompreneur?

It's the little things, like being able to drive her daughter to school in the morning or being able to work from home and, like we all crave, being able to be present.


It goes by so quickly. If you're not intentional about how you use your time and where your focus is, it can all go by in a blink of an...

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#000: The Mompreneur Experience Podcast Intro - 000

podcast Feb 27, 2019

000 | The Mompreneur Experience Podcast: Intro

Welcome to this new adventure: The Mompreneur Experience Podcast. I'm so glad you're here. I'm your host Camilla-Jean Ringkob, mom, entrepreneur—a mompreneur— and dreamer, just like you.


You're looking for a way to leave overwhelm, doubt, guilt and that hustle behind. So, let's rethink what it means to be a mom and an entrepreneur. Knocking out overwhelm, kicking self-doubt to the curb and shutting the door on dreaming small. We are calling out our accountability, productivity and profitability, like the bosses we are. I believe we have amazing gifts and a dream to be living.


Sometimes we need a little inspiration and we need a little support, right?


Thank you so much for spending this time with me. It means the world to me and until next time, I want you to remember that you're more than just a mom and you're more than just an entrepreneur. You are so much more.


How can I subscribe your say?? ...

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