How to Start an At-Home Business

As a mom, you love your kids. In the beginning, you do everything for them both out of necessity and out of love. As your kids age and become more independent, they rely less on you (except when they fall down, they still need their owies kissed). They start to use the restroom by themselves and even declare themselves a “big kid” when they begin to dress themselves. As your kids grow up, you as a mom begin to think what else you can do with your extra time. You begin to think about becoming a mompreneur and starting an at-home business.


I’m Camilla-Jean, and my specialty is helping moms like you start their own home business for moms. My job is to help you get your gifts out to the world, discover your dreams, and get your home business for moms off the ground. I offer one-on-one online business coaching for moms, as well as a Mompreneur Experience Academy where you can take online business courses and meet with me once a week for question and answer sessions. In this blog post, I’ll touch briefly on how to start an at-home business. Contact me today!




  • Be frank with yourself about what you can and can’t do. It’s important to discover your passions, but if your passion is painting and all you can draw is stick figures, starting a portrait studio may not be the best option. However, if you love to play the guitar and teach it, starting an online guitar lesson business may be your jam.
  • Be frank with yourself about what you will and won’t do. Just because you can do something and you’re really good at it doesn’t mean you should do it because, ultimately, if you don’t do it on your own through intrinsic motivation, it won’t happen. For example, you are great with numbers and even have an accounting degree. But you hate taxes, hate doing taxes, and hate reading the changes in tax law. Then starting an at-home accounting business probably won’t work for you.
  • Decide on a service or a product. Ultimately, if you are going to have a viable home business for moms, you need to have a product or a service that you offer. Are you going to sell something you make, such as dog collars from hemp? Or are you going to offer services, such as dog washing instead?
  • Write up a business plan. So many businesses skip this step because it is a lot of work, but you need to have all our i’s dotted and your t’s crossed if you are to be a successful mompreneur. A written business plan for you home business for moms will help you determine if your business is viable. It will make you do the research and the legwork, and in the process, you’ll discover if this is the true home-based business for you, or if your heart is just not in it. Don’t quit if you discover your original home business for moms’ idea won’t work. Shelve it, and begin again. Many people go through multiple business plans and multiple home businesses for moms before they find the one they will stick with.


As a mom, the day your kids can reach the microwave is a grand day. Finally, they aren’t completely dependent on you for food. It’s a day you celebrate and perhaps regret since you liked cooking them mac ‘n cheese every day, and baking brownies for a treat. However, after a brief moment of regret, you realize you now have more time to dedicate to your craft, to your passion, to your other purpose in life besides being a mom — starting your home business for moms.


As the best career coach for moms, I can help you make your dreams come true. With one-on-one business coaching for moms, I will walk you through the necessary steps of forming your business idea and implementing it. As a business owner myself, I have decades of experience of navigating the legal hurdles and the practical obstacles that will inevitably try to stop you. Through encouragement and fortitude, I’ll support you in your dream, yet be the voice of reason when you need it. And when you just need an ear to bounce ideas off, I’ll be there. Contact the best online business coach for women entrepreneurs today!


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