How to Find a Life Mentor

In life, we all face challenges we must overcome if we are not to be beaten down. From losing a loved one to losing your home, in the end challenges make us stronger if we embrace them and keep moving forward.


While that may sound easy, it certainly is not easy to do when you’re in the midst of a crisis. That’s why we all need mentors in our lives in order to make it through these low life moments we all face. 


I’m Camilla-Jean, and I’m a successful mompreneur turned business coach for moms. I help women everywhere build and grow a profitable business through my online business coach programs and my one-on-one coaching packages. In this blog post, I’ll offer up tips on how to find a life mentor. Contact me today!




  • Admit that you need one. Many people, especially in 21st century America, believe they can handle life on their own. They’ve taken independence to the extreme to mean that they don’t need others in their lives to help, and they can do it all on their own. A mentor is someone older than you who can help you through advice and wisdom on the journey you are on in your life.
  • Mentorship is a two-way street. Many people think mentoring is something that is done to them or for them. Instead of this person being the only one helping you, try to add value to this person’s life as well. You can do small menial tasks for the person, be mindful of their time, and take what they are saying seriously. Don’t have a mentor because you think it’s the cool thing to do. Utilize the help a mentor is giving you; that’s the best way to pay them back.
  • Have clear, defined goals. A mentor’s job is not someone to tell you what you want out of life; instead, he or she is there to help you on the choices to get to what you want out of life. Enter a mentorship with defined goals. Otherwise, you are just wasting each other’s time.
  • Find someone you like. Your mentor should be someone you like spending time with. Choosing a mentor based off credentials alone is a recipe for disaster. Choose someone whose values line up with yours, who likes to teach, listen, and gather information, and someone who cares. He or she should have a vested interest in you and help you achieve what will ultimately make your heart sing.




As a mentor, I take a valued interest in your goals, career, life, and story. Once you partner with me, my door is always open if you need advice, or just someone to commiserate with. Once the pity party is over, I’ll help pick you up and get you back on the right path for your life. You can change your future, make more money, and live your life. I’ll show you how. Sign up for my Mompreneur Experience Academy today!


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