BONUS: Rising Above A Crisis

 Episode Notes : Bonus Episode: Rising Above Crisis

Apply what I’ve learned after three days of crisis strategy calls with my most motivated and successful clients. Not only will these businesses mitigate their risk but will come out of this crisis positioned better than before to succeed with a solid marketing strategy.

Takeaways From This Episode

  • Managing homeschooling, as we have businesses to run, clients and employees to help and families we need to be present for during this challenging time.  
  • Gratitude for our country's leaders who are making hard decisions and who are looking out for our best interests, who are creating a small crisis in order to avoid a much bigger one.
  • Don’t get down, we are all in this together. 
  • Keep perspective that this situation is only temporary.
  • Our families will need to step up and help out a little more, but everything can be figured out if we work at it together. 
  • Stay flexible, positive and strong for your clients who are nervous right now about their businesses and need you to step up as a leader.
  • The businesses who take smart action at this time and aren’t bound by fear are the ones who are going to win in the long term. 

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  • There are still problems to be solved. How are you positioning your solutions? Now is the time to be innovative and find ways to impact solutions for your clients. That free checklist can help with this.
  • Reevaluate the problem you solve and the value you bring with your solution. There are a ton of opportunities in this situation. Use this time to position yourself to take advantage of what your business will look like when this is over.

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Inspiration From This Episode:

We are creating a small crisis in order to avoid a much bigger crisis in this country. 

The businesses who take smart action are going to the ones who are going to win long term.


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