#99. Single Mom Living In Car to Industry Leader- River Lee

About The Show: Are you serving way too many clients that just don’t match your ideal client? My guest today River Lee understands what it's like to build a business in a very unique space and guides us on why niching down on your business will help you move faster. She is on a crusade to help other pet professionals like herself make wise and Savvy choices in their lives by teaching them personal finance and business niche coaching. 

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Takeaways From This Episode

  1. How to save up money in order to take your business in the direction you want.
  2. How to create clever marketing to find your ideal client.
  3. Why niching down can benefit the growth of your business and profit.
  4. Know your lead and lag measures in order to get closer to your ideal customer.
  5. No’s aren’t a bad thing.

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