#96. Creating a Referral Based Business with Alisia Krastel

About The Show
Growing a massive business doesn’t require spending a ton of money on paid ads, attending the latest BNI event or trying to win over a bunch of people who don’t know you. On today’s show, Alisia Krastel teaches us how to develop true human connections that generate referral and repeat business year over year. As a mom of three young kids and the owner of a successful real estate business, Alisia is the founder of Mother Hustlers Business Makeover; a coaching company that teaches other mom’s who are business owners  how to build an amazing net life.

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 Takeaways From This Episode

  1. People, Relationships, Content & Branding.
  2. Shortcuts for building relationships when you don’t have an abundance of time. 
  3. Overcome the guilt of investing in yourself.
  4. How to identify what you really want in life and what’s really important to you.
  5. Gain clarity around your 20%.
  6. Why repelling people is a good thing.
  7. Ways to keep connecting simple and inexpensive.
  8. Narrowing down your referral connections.
  9. Powerful questions you need to ask yourself about adding value to the life of others.
  10. Celebrating the people in your life so that you stay top of mind.

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