#78. Building a Business of Kindness with Wendy Gilhula

 About The Show
Our guest today is Wendy Gilhula. She helps navigate a difficult world for children. Wendy is an educator, writer, and author of the Pika Bunny book series. Her books feature life lessons children often face in a complicated world and present tools to help them navigate such complexities with bravery, understanding, and kindness. You’ll enjoy learning from her unique ability to relate to children in a way that promotes excellence.

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Takeaways From This Episode

  1. Wendy was told Kindness was not relevant. Listen to how she combatted rejection and pushed forward to bring her books to the world.
  2. Wendy invites you to have the confidence to make available to the world those things you keep working on. There’s a real reason why that work continues to prompt your soul to create it.
  3. Some people are natural business leaders but no one is an island. If you feel like you might be missing the business gene like she did, Wendy recommends that you reach out to someone who owns a business and bounce ideas off of them.
  4. Fill your bucket with the things that give your life energy. As you do, Wendy says that you will find that you have more to offer to your own children.
  5. Having a purpose with your work recharges your energy.
  6. Check your children’s kindness meter as well as your own using Wendy’s app. 
  7. When you understand that part of the reason you’re working so hard includes providing for your children, that reminder will fuel you to keep moving forward. Children will identify their way in life as they grow through your own example.

Find Wendy Here:
Website: WendyGilhula.com
LinkedIn: Wendy Gilhula 
IG: @pikabunnysays
Facebook: Wendy Gilhula Author

EMAIL: [email protected]
INSTAGRAM: @camillajean.mompreneur
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