#77. Real Entrepreneurs Dealing with COVID & Kids

About The Show Running a business has never felt more overwhelming. If you’re like most mom’s right now, you’ve definitely felt the loss of productivity, motivation and burn out. A full house and your new role as full time teacher definitely adds new challenges to your plate. On today’s show you’ll enjoy listening to other business owners and Mom’s as they share a few tips on how to keep their sanity in order to move their families and business forward during COVID19.

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Takeaways From This Episode

  • Ask yourself, what can you learn from this time?
  • The Tips below are some of the strategies the Mompreneurs we heard from offered as a way to help you think through some ideas on how to adjust to a new routine.
    • One mom gives up her preferred mid morning work block to focus on school. She wakes up at 5am to get work done. She’s learned to adjust to getting work done as she sits on the lawn and watches kids play.  
    • Tips: Limit time on social media
    • Turn on the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone so you can avoid distractions.
    • Adjust your expectations of what's realistically possible for you to accomplish during this time. 
    • Divide work days up with your spouse.
    • One mom works opposite shifts with her husband and completes her work between the hours of 10pm - 3am.
    • Camilla-Jean sticks to her ideal week planner which you can download here 
    • Have FUN!
    • One mom watches movie series with her boys as a way to get their minds off the social isolation they are confronting.

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