#71: Guided Brain Dump

On today’s podcast episode we are clearing out head space so you can get into massive action. More than ever I know you’re overwhelmed as a business owner and Mom. I’ll take you through a guided Brain Dump so you get organized and get the right stuff done.

Episode Notes 
First things first let’s do some housekeeping. 

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Takeaways From This Episode
I ask you the powerful questions that help you refine how to get stuff out of your head and onto paper.

I’ll share the science of David Allen’s Getting Things Done to clear out all the background programs running in your head. Closing some of those unused tabs so your minds can run at maximum effort.

Key Strategies I use in my business:

  1. The Full Focus Planner I’ve tried apps before but it didn’t alleviate any of the stress and I felt like I was putting things in multiple places. Listen to how pen and paper help me move the needle to accomplish my biggest goals.
  2. Note Cards - A visual, tangible project management system that lets me feel my wins!
  3. The Eisenhower Quadrant - how putting your brain dump items into the sections below will help you prioritize. 
    1. Important and Urgent
    2. Important but Not Urgent
    3. Not Important but Urgent
    4. Not Important, Not Urgent.

Finally, let's dive you into a real brain dump as I ask you those powerful questions that lead to productivity.

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