#56: Planning Your Best Year Ever

mompreneur planning podcast Dec 03, 2019

Inspiration from this Episode:

“What is your time worth? What is that package worth?”

“You’ve declared your wildly important goal.”

“We’re going to have enough challenges without making it more difficult for yourself.”


056 | The Mompreneur Experience: Planning Your Best Year Ever 



On today’s show, we’re talking about why this time of year is one of my favorites for my business. It’s always important to look back at this past year and see everything you’ve done. We all get excited about where our business is headed and what types of goals we want to achieve but we need to think about the steps we need to take on a quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily.

This is part two of a two-part series we started last week on reviewing our year and planning out the coming year. We are all guilty of setting goals in our life and business and then never actually reaching reaching them. Learn how to plan out your goals and actionable steps we can take to finally achieve them.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode: 

  • Why preparation is crucial to success.
  • Scheduling out quiet time for planning.
  • The numbers you want to see in your business.
  • Declaring your wildly important goals.


Resources in Today’s Episode: 


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