#46: 3 Opportunities to Gain Advantage with Perspective Shifts

Inspiration from this Episode:

“Identify what is really unique about you.”

“Are you focusing on your customer and on their problem?”


046 | The Mompreneur Experience: 3 Opportunities to Gain Advantage with Perspective Shifts



On today’s show, we’re talking about how shifting your perspective from an internal point of view to an external point of view can be a game changer. These opportunities could change your attitude and your business and give you an advantage that would help you lead all of the people around you. 

 These shifts could help you create better products or services. By taking the time to get out of our own heads and into the wants and needs of our ideal clients, we can start to create something wonderful. 


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode: 

  • How people really only have 2 types of problems.
  • Really listening to your potential audience.
  • Understanding the level of contact they may want.
  • Learning to marry what they want and what you love.
  • The skill of interviewing your ideal clients.


Resources in Today’s Episode: 



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