#044: Legal Guestions? Get Clarity with Emiliee Gehling

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2019

Inspiration from this Episode:

“Unfortunately, it’s not if, but when something goes wrong.”

“Don’t kick yourself when you learn something.”


044 | The Mompreneur Experience: Mentor Interview with Emilee Gehling



On today’s episode, we get to cover the important topic of all things legal. When we start our businesses, we worry about all of the legal aspects. Today’s guest, Emilee Gehling, is not only an attorney but also a mom and fellow entrepreneur who is going to be answering our tough questions. 

Emilee is a very community-oriented person who loves to give back to those around her. Her family is always her number one priority, but she follows her passion of serving her community. She is a part of clubs, professional groups and organizations that put an emphasis on serving others. 


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  • What inspired and led Emilee to become a lawyer.
  • How to know when it’s the right time to find an attorney.
  • What the most common business structures are.
  • The red flags you should keep an eye out for in the legal world.


Resources in Today’s Episode: 


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