#035: Mentor Interview with Teresa Blaes

podcast Jul 08, 2019

Inspiration from this Episode:

*You sit back and think, jeez am I really good enough for this?* Yes, YOU are.

“Whatever it is you do, do it consistently.”

“Ask yourself, is this really where your passion is?”

035 | The Mompreneur Experience: Mentor Interview with Teresa Blaes


On today’s episode, we meet fellow podcaster Teresa Blaes. Teresa helps faith-based businesses and ministry-focused individuals launch their own podcast. Starting out in the entrepreneurial world in marketing with her husband, Teresa has a lot of experience we fellow entrepreneurs can learn from. 

When Teresa became a mom to a young girl who had special needs, she soon realized that she couldn’t have an ordinary job with the type of support her daughter needed. 

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  • How to deal with criticism from potential clients.
  • Avoiding the fear of having to fire problem clients. 
  • Giving up the things that no longer fuel your passion.
  • How to publish consistent content without feeling repetitive.

Resources in Today’s Episode: 


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