#034: Perfect is the Enemy

podcast Jul 01, 2019

Inspiration from this Episode:

There are two choices quitting or making progress.”

“Were playing against perfectionism in our mind." 

“Progress leads to success, which leads to our goals long term.”


034 | The Mompreneur Experience: Perfect is the Enemy


On today’s show, we get to dive into all things perfectionism. We all know that trying to attain perfection can be the cause for so much stress. Many of us don’t want to try things unless we think we can do them perfectly. Perfectionism keeps so many goals grounded because that perfect outcome we want just isn’t reachable the way we thought.

We talk about how we are going to fail while working towards our goals and why that’s okay. Perfectionism affects us all in every aspect of our lives—our businesses, our children, our relationships and life as a whole. Once we embrace the idea of letting go of that perfectionism, we can move towards happiness and achievable goals. 

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  •     That you will fail and why that’s okay.
  •     Embracing that imperfection in your life.
  •     The two different highs we get with goals.
  •     The 5 different mindset mechanisms.

Resources in Today’s Episode:



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