#025: What Are You Gonna Bomb?

podcast May 16, 2019


Inspiration from this Episode:


“You can make a choice and give yourself a little bit of grace.”

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“Quite frankly, if you’re just not into something, you just don’t do it.”


025 | The Mompreneur Experience: What Are You Gonna Bomb?




Have you ever felt compelled to immerse yourself in something brand new that the outside world pushed in your direction? Maybe it was something you’ve heard a lot about or it has become popular with those around you. Sometimes it’s not long after diving head first into that new adventure that you realize you hate it.


In today’s episode, I’m talking about the unique topic of how to decide in advance what we’re going to suck at or bomb in our life or business. We all know we’re not perfect and we are never going to be great at everything. I uncover how to distinguish these areas and allow ourselves the grace to not be perfect.

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  • How to choose in advance what you’re going to suck at.
  • Overcoming the guilt you feel when you end up not succeeding at a new venture.
  • How decision-making perspectives change once you have kids.
  • Not comparing yourself to others who seem to have it all together.
  • How to give yourself grace in times of “failure.”

Resources in Today’s Episode:


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