#017: The Role Your Strengths Play in Your Business with Rhonda Delaney

podcast Apr 25, 2019


Inspiration from this Episode:


The more people you have in your world that are supporting you, the broader the experience, skillsets and information you're going to have access to.

A true leader understands is that every single person is unique and encourages them to be themselves.

Until you know your strengths, it's really hard to make a conscious effort to move in the right direction—for you.

017 | The Mompreneur Experience: Your Strengths’ Roles in Your Business with Rhonda Delaney

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Today on the podcast, I’m chatting with Rhonda Delaney. Rhonda was born in British Columbia, Canada and moved to the US in 1992. She's been married to her wonderful husband, Trevor, for 37 years. She also has 35 years of leadership knowledge in a wonderful 60 years of life experience and perspective.

When she was a young mother, she was creating teams and direct and network marketing industries and then once her kids were grown and moved on, she slid into the corporate space.

Rhonda’s passion is helping new leaders understand and believe that caring is their super power. Not only is she an entrepreneur, but her daughter is also a mompreneur. I love this idea of legacy female entrepreneurs.

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  • How to focus on what you do well and stop being concerned about what you don’t do well.
  • How to embrace your natural talents and stay aligned to your own strengths.
  • Why hiring a business coach can be life changing.

Resources in Today’s Episode:





  • You can get the Align Your Strengths worksheet mentioned in today’s episode: camilla-jean.com


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