#009: Do You Know Your Optimal Customer Avatar?

podcast Mar 28, 2019

Quotables: It almost feels like you were made for them and they were made for you.”


“You're going to use the knowledge that you're going to gain by diving into understanding your
Optimal Customer Avatar to create, clarify, design and build your product or service.”

“Getting the right customer through the door, the “right” is the keyword here, needs to be at the heart of your business. We want to pull in more of the right ones and less of the wrong ones.”

009 | The Mompreneur Experience: Do You Know Your Optimal Customer Avatar



In today’s episode, we’re going to be discussing and figuring out who you’re talking to, who you’re selling to and who you’re helping, or as I like to call it—your Optimal Customer Avatar (OCA). And the worksheet is more like a workbook, I must say it’s awesome!!


Finding your Optimal Customer Avatar isn’t a new concept or something that I’ve made up myself, but I will be sharing my experiences with it and how it can impact some of the key aspects of your business.


Through some of the greatest marketing experts out there, we know that not everyone is going to be a customer. I think truly understanding that is going to be a big step in how to attract the right customer to our business.

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  • Why knowing your OCA is such a fundamental step in your business.
  • How you get someone to see your business and think “This is exactly what I needed!”
  • How to recreate an incredible experience again and again.
  • The different ways you need to be thinking about your OCA to understand their wants and needs.
  • Using your new knowledge in your marketing to reach more OCAs.
  • The exact steps to figuring out who your OCA is for your business.

Resources in Today’s Episode:



“Niching Down” www.camilla-jean.com/blog/005


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